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Monday, October 6, 2014

White Bread Black Beer by Scritti Politti

They don't make pop stars like Green Gartside anymore. First notorious as a speed-snorting. Derrida-quoting academic on the intellectual bleeding edge of post-punk, the '80s saw him twitch off the chicken-wire guitars and re-emerge as honey-voiced soul singer sneaking subversion into the Top 10 in sugar-coated payloads. Released in conjunction with Gartside’s first gigs in 26 years as frontman of Double G And The Traitorous Three. 'White Bread. Black Beer' is as airbrushed as any of his '80s fare. But even the ticking percussion and trilling synths can't hide the sheer melodic oddness of Gartside's songs. Vulcan odes to love that simmer with weird possibilities.

Track Listings

01. The Boom Boom Bap
02. No Fine Lines
03. Snow in Sun
04. Cooking
05. Throw
06. Dr. Abernathy
07. After Six
08. Petrococadollar
09. E Eleventh Nuts
10. Window Wide Open
11. Road to No Regret
12. Locked
13. Mrs. Hughes
14. Robin Hood

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