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Friday, October 3, 2014

Right in the Back of Your Mind by Stairs

In the early '90s. while the rest of Britain was busy buying novelty rave records, Edgar 'Summertyme' Jones and the rest of The Stairs were holed up in the Wirral wearing Chelsea boots, listening to The Chocolate watchband and kidding themselves it was 1966 again. The result was one great single (‘Weed Bus',aversion of which is here),one half great album and some truly disastrous trousers. Still, even though they were 25 years behind the times, they invented all the scallydelic Coral type bands, while Noel Gallagher took note of their surly dermeanour and knack with a familiar sounding chorus. This grab bag of demos and lost songs is a perfect reminder of their madheaded ' retro greatness.

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