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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Lost & Found by Daniel Johnston

Let's for a second forget all the stuff about Johnston sabotaging his dad's aircraft mid flight, and raging against the dark lord Beelzebub with a quavery voice and a beat up guitar. Instead, let's focus on what good form the 45 year old, Cobain adored, manic depressive, songwriting hero comes across on his new outing. See, there's a moment midway through ‘Lost And Found"s opener ‘Rock This Town’ where Johnston spins his entire troubled past on his head with a single, raspy cry of, “Going to rock this town tonight! ". He sounds well. He sounds alive. Whatever his current mental state, his love affair with rock’n'roll sounds in perfect health. On grounds of humanitarian concern and pop fandom, long may that continue.

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