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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Twelve Stops And Home by The Feeling

Twelve Stops And Home by The Feeling - Albums Reviews

“These cats can play!" trumpets the press release, and by Jovi, it’s true! Every second of ‘Twelve Stops And Home' pulsates with the soft rock heartbeat of a distant, more comforting era, where Smashey’n’Nicey rule the airwaves and the nearest thing to an asylum seeker was Foreigner. The trouble with such shameless nostalgia is that whereas the likes of Scissor Sisters instill such daftness with personality, these Sussex session men featuring exmembers of Sophie Ellis Bextor’s band -are so busy trying to be Supertramp they've forgotten to add anything of themselves other than on closer ‘Blue Piccadilly’, a song about a tube line. An album for those who find Orson too noisy.

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