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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Powder Burns by Twilight Singers

A post Hurricane Katrina album recorded in curfew curtailed New Orleans could misfire. It could be a soppy, chest beating piece of hokum.
But then Greg Dulli, frontman of Ohio's soul shouters Afghan Whigs. has never written hokum. His trade is messed up relationships and late night whispering. After three Twilight albums that never lived up to his previous might, he's now hit paydirt. ‘I wish I was’ is a love song to the messed up New Orleans. It's the place where he's searching among the abandoned “mangey dogs"for a curfew party (‘Forty Dollars’). And of course, sex, ‘Candy Cane Crawl’ recalls the rumbling might of the Whigs. After weathering many storms, Greg Dulli has emerged battered, but on top.

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