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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Field Rexx by Blitzen Trapper

Album Reviews - Field Rexx by Blitzen Trapper

Hark! What that's sound? it’s the squelch you make when you move your lobster-red body off the lilo after an afternoon of ray catching. It’s the slurp of a 99 as the sticky vanilla cream makes its way down your hand. Gah, it’s the moans of little doe-eyed ducks making out with Bambi under a multi-coloured rainbow!
Yes. Oregon’s Blizten Trapper have made a near-perfect summer record. Lyrical conceits that drip with sunkissed nostalgia ("Summer hair/Harpsichord/Stealing things you can't afford/Cause you’re bored, bored, bored” from ‘Summer Twin’), snatches of dialogue from a C60 recorded in the summer of '82 and a scorching musical mix (pre-Scientology Beck, lo-fi legends Eric’s Trip and DJ Shadow), it's a vital slice of Americana.

Track Listings

01. James & Larry Earley (1982)
02. Lux & Royal Shopper
03. Love I Exclaim!
04. Summer Twin
05. Cold Gold Diamond
06. Concrete Heaven (Live at Tecumseh Natl. Balast)
07. 40 Stripes
08. Asleep for Days
09. Dreamers & Giants
10. Turkey in the Straw (James 1982)
11. Dirty Pearls
12. Leopard's Will to Live
13. Country Rain
14. Moving Minors Over County Lines
15. Love (reprise feat. Pookie & 2TanClan)

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