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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Down for Life by D4l

No-one has made a career out of a single musical note quite as outrageously as Atlanta’s D4L. Anyone who hasn’t yet heard the Bankhead crew’s infuriatingly catchy signature tune. 'Laffy Taffy', should count themselves lucky. Why, then, are their most annoying qualities of also unique selling points? Minimalism. There hasn’t been an album as stripped-down and reductive as ’Down For Life’ for 20 years. A deranged rap barbershop quartet reduce life’s less salubrious experiences to non-sequiturs, over synthetic beats that barely exist. ‘Scotty’’s veiled drug references, ‘Make It Rain"s pimpology, and ‘Stuntman”s “I got money” refrains, all break rap down to its most minimum, base compound. And it feels good. Sort of.

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