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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Men, Women, & Children by Men Women & Children

Step up‘emo-disco’,a new entry to our list of previously inconceivable genres Tortured croons over'70s electro violin stabs and thumping basslines might sound like a recipe for disaster, but this lot could be on to something. New single ‘Dance In My Blood’is in a muddy field of its own, wearing star spangled wellies and having the time of its life, while 'Photosynthesis(We're Losing 02)'is another treat.OK, So there's a song that sounds like Scissor Sisters riding around in Super Mario Karts (‘Who Found Mister Fabulous’). another that puns on the vowel structure (“AEIOU nothing", from’vowels’, kill us every time), and artwork more pretentious than a coterie of fashionistas attending a show called 'Le Pretentious. Moi?'.The 'Children are the future.

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