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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Puzzles Like You by Mojave 3

Album Reviews - Puzzles Like You by Mojave 3

You could call ‘Puzzles Like You’ Mojave 3’s Great Leap Forward except it’s taken them five albums and 12 years to get here. No matter, because they've finally gone into their rodent infested Cornish studio and pressed the button marked ‘big’; cue jangling Byrdsy '60s guitar pop, throbbing Doorsy organs and new found exuberance. ‘Breaking The ice’ is a rollicking anthem, punctured by a piano thrashed to an inch of its life and ending in a wall of guitars, while ‘Most Days’ comes across as Gram Parsons covered by Pink Floyd. Sadly, original member Rachel Goswell is on leave of absence due to suffering the severe ear complaint labyrinthitis, but Mojave 3’s confident new demeanour should prove an effective medicine.

Track Listings

01. Truck Driving Man
02. Puzzles Like You
03. Breaking The Ice
04. Running With Your Eyes Closed
05. Most Days
06. Big Star Baby
07. Ghost Ship Waiting
08. Kill The Lights
09. You Said It Before
10. To Hold Your Tiny Toes
11. Just A Boy

12. The Mutineer

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