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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Emotional by Trabant

Album Review - Emotional by Trabant

Oh Lordi, what have you done? Icelandic quintet Trabant prove that the madcap Eurovison winners aren't the only musical mentalists from the Norselands.  An unholy amalgam of Prince. Queen and Scissor Sisters but with fewer tunes, Trabant look like a team of hod-carriers at a New Romantic-themed fancy dress party. Their music is just as subtle. Compatriots Sigur Ros and Bjork had the ability to make their lyrics either unintelligible or enchanting, but there's no such luck here. "Sexual suicide, tear out your heart/Close your eyes and kill the beast before it barks". growls 'Emotional Meltdown', it makes The Da Vinci Code read like Bukowski in comparison and much of it is set to a disturbing funk battery of bleeps, whoops and whistles. Mum. the funny men are scaring us. Make it stop.

Track Listings

01. Overture
02. Maria
03. Nasty Boy
04. I Love You Why?
05. Pump You Up
06. Loving Me
07. Galdur
08. Emotional Meltdown
09. One
10. Arms

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