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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Catch-Flame! by Paul Weller

Album Reviews - Catch-Flame! by Paul Weller

There is a fantastic but probably untrue anecdote about Paul Weller ripped to the tits at a showbiz party, tearing off his shirt and running around the garden chanting "WELLA FELLA WELLA FELLA!” Sadly. It’s more entertaining than a good 60 per cent of this 23 track live set. but when he does occasionally spark in his earnest, sweaty way. it’s difficult not to get carried along in his slipstream. There's a five song run from the blistering 'From The Floorboards Up' to 'Up In Suze's Room' which is pure Spencer Davis-style steamhammer R’n'B, but he ruins it with a snoozesome cover of Dr John’s 'I Walk On Gilded Splinters’, and a two track Style Council encore. Kick out the jams. Wellafella  that’s a suggestion, not a comparison.

Track Listings

1. The Weaver
2. Out Of The Sinking
3. Blink & You'll Miss It
4. Paper Smile
5. Peacock Suit
6. From The Floorboards Up
7. The Changingman
8. Savages
9. Going Places
10. Up In Suze's
11. Porcelain Gods / Walk On Gilded Splinters

1. In The Crowd
2. Come On / Let's Go
3. Foot Of The Mountain
4. You Do Something To Me
5. Wishing On A Star
6. Wild Wood
7. The Pebble And The Boy
8. That's Entertainment
9. Broken Stones
10. Long Hot Summer
11. Shout To The Top
12. A Town Called Malice

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