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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Rose Has Teeth in Mouth of a Beast by Matmos

Digital Dadaists Matmos like to challenge themselves almost as much as they do their listeners. So while previous albums from this San Franciscan duo have featured beats composed from samples of plastic surgery operations, whoopee cushions and - oh yes - the amplified neural activity of crayfish, here they've constructed a series of dense electronic sound collages, each intended as an ‘aural portrait’ of one of 10 gay icons. Their choices are winningly eclectic from Joe Meek to William Burroughs, Patricia Higsmith and the flamboyant King Ludwig ll Of Bavaria, each track allows Matmos to experiment with a different style. If you're the kind of person that enjoys chopped up samples of hair being cut or people receiving cigarettes burns intertwined with vocal cameos from Bjork and Antony Hegarty then it's safe to say you probably won't need to buy another album ever again. Everyone else will find ‘The Rose...’ easy to admire, but hard to really love.

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