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Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Garden by Zero 7

Like a scented Lush bath bomb of mediocrity, Zero 7 are the chief architects of "chill-out", once the music that drug crazed ravers listened to in order to come down from their euphoria, but now, the favoured genre of people who view music not as something life affirming, but as something to listen to while pruning the window box. Under some pretence of getting with the times, here Zero 7 employ that old Chemical Brothers swindle of renting in the talent, bolting on modestly talented advert warbler losé Gonzalez for finger picked fripperies like ‘Future’. All that's left is to add a few synth burps, collect the cheque, and hit the pub. Laughing all the way about the fact that Marx thought that religion was the opium of the people.

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