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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Victory for the Comic Muse by The Divine Comedy

Album Reviews - Victory for the Comic Muse by The Divine Comedy

Just because DC main man Neil Hannon is as culturally relevant as Bernard Manning doesn’t mean his latest album should be laughed off. Not, that is, until ‘Victory For The Comic Muse' has been heard in its awful entirety, when it can indeed be shunted into the drawer marked "I can't believe l used to like this band (which I did, much as I might deny it)". As pretentious as an album with a song entitled ‘Count Grassis Passage Over Piedmont' should be. Hannon's latest parps tinkles and plucks its way through pantomime-band orchestration and lyrics about coffee mugs without daring to stalk the shadow of a tune like 'National Express' (which is a classic - don't argue). Hardly a victory.

Track Listings

01. To Die A Virgin
02. Mother Dear
03. Diva Lady
04. A Lady Of A Certain Age
05. The Light Of Day
06. Threesome
07. Party Fears Two
08. Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World
09. The Plough
10. Count Grassi's Passage Over Piedmont
11. Snowball In Negative

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