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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Black Gold by King Biscuit Time

First The Beta Band split, then Grandaddy - soon we aren’t going to have any experimento-rock genii left! Thankfully Beta Band main brain Steve Mason has carried on with his solo project King Biscuit Time, but, like Pete and Carl on their latest projects, without the cohorts he forged his musicianship with, Mason falls a touch short of the mark.
The wonky Beta-pop of 'CIAM15’ is almost there, but the sparkle dust that clung to most of the Betas’ work remains in its pot and the whole shebang ends up sounding a tad clumsy. Slower, mystic tinged numbers like 'Impossible Ride’ are almost beautiful, but on the whole this is a few crumbs short of a HobNob.

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