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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Enemies Like This by Radio 4

Album review - Enemies Like This by Radio 4

You know that moment at Christmas when a child stops playing with a new toy and moves on to another? You can't help feeling that Radio 4 are that toy. Two years on from their major-label debut and the punk-funk sound they were pioneers of has reached a point where the stuffing is spilling out and its head falling off. For all the inventiveness of the angular basslines of ‘As Far As The Eye Can See' (which worryingly sounds like bloated '80s stadium rockers Simple Minds) and 'Grass is Greener' (ditto U2), there’s a distinctly stale odour. Their problem? Others have overtaken them and you can include Franz and Bloc Party in that  with their own take on choppy guitar and funk basslines. It’s only 43 minutes long. That's enough.

Track Listings

01. Enemies Like This
02. Packing Things Up On The Scene
03. Too Much To Ask For
04. Grass Is Greener
05. Everything's In Question
06. This Is Not A Test
07. Ascension Street
08. (Always A) Target
09. All In Control
10. As Far As The Eye Can See

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