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Monday, October 6, 2014

Bright Idea by Orson

Hollywood's Orson are old enough to be Arctic Monkeys’ dads. Their frontman. Jason Pebworth, used to sing in stage musicals. They write songs with the FM sheen of the Hall & Oates school, and wear irritating hats. And yet, faced with such overwhelming grounds, it's still kind of impossible to hate them. They have tunes, great ones, bursting out from everywhere. They're not, as their press release roars, “the missing link between the Stones and Scissor Sisters” but in the title track. ‘Look Around', and 'The Okay Song’ they have at least three songs that tower over the monster Number One ‘No Tomorrow'. Pebworth’s 'woe-is-my-love-life' lyrics are second division, but there is crafted class to the record that will drag you in. It's only a matter of time before Robbie comes knocking.

Track Listings

01. Bright Idea
02. No Tomorrow
03. Happiness
04. Already Over
05. Downtown
06. Tryin To Help
07. So Ahead Of Me
08. Last Night
09. Look Around
10. Save The World

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