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Saturday, September 20, 2014

This New Day by Embrace

Embrace's new album is a bit like a bag of Revels. Chewy, toffee openers ‘New Use Crying' and 'Nature's Law' are the sound of Embrace Mk2 with a new found stadium aspiring confidence. There are some namby pamby soft-centred arm-waving orangey ones (“But I like namby-pamby soft-centred ones!" some people cry): ‘The End ls Near’ and ‘Exploding Machines’ are CoIdplay’s ‘Clocks' and ‘Talk’ with added underdog and, er. peanuts. And there's a couple of coffee creams, too. Of course. whether you still like Revels after all these years is the moot point. But ‘This New Day’ is, by Embrace's own standards, a triumphant album indeed.

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